Details of the Town Pastor role that we play a part of.

Woodbridge Town Pastors

Woodbridge Town Pastors have been patrolling the streets of Woodbridge every Friday night (and on a few other occasions too!) since 2008. The Town Pastors are ordinary Christians drawn from the churches of Woodbridge and the surrounding area who feel called to love the town in a practical way. The Town Pastors are easily recognised by their bright yellow jackets and are on patrol every Friday evening seeking to keep the streets of Woodbridge safe and happy. Those out on patrol are supported by a prayer team, based at Woodbridge Methodist Church, with whom they are in constant radio contact and are also prayed for by a team of people praying at home as well. Town Pastors receive training in drug and alcohol awareness, first aid and personal safety as well as the Town Pastor protocols. When we patrol the streets, we carry no money, but have supplies of bottled water, chocolate (Freddo bars!) as well as foil blankets and basic first aid equipment. At the heart of what we are is our faith in Jesus Christ who calls us to love one another as he has loved us. If you are interested in the work of Woodbridge Town Pastors and want to know more, please contact our Chairman, Rev Martin Dawes (contact details elsewhere on the website).


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