Details of Worship at WMC


On the first Sunday of each month we have family-friendly All-Age Worship at 10.45am.

 On the other Sundays, our main morning service begins at 10.45am. On the second Sunday of the month there is also a communion service at 9.30am.

 Everyone is invited to enjoy light refreshments and fellowship after each service.

Services of Communion with Prayers for Healing take place on the fourth Sunday in the month at 7.30 p.m. during "British Summer Time" and at 4.00 p.m. when the clocks are set back to GMT over the winter period.


 Services for June 2019

2nd              10.45              Rev I Gardner

9th                09.30              Rev M Dawes Communion 

                       10.45              Local Arrangement

   16th             10.45              Rev J Cassidy Church Anniversary & Communion

   23rd             10.45              Mr C Westren

   30th             10.45              Songs of Praise


Services for July 2019

7th                10.45              Rev M Allen

   14th              09.30              Rev M Millar        Communion
                        10.45              Mr C Finbow

   21st              10.45              Rev M Dawes        Communion

   28th              10.45              Rev M Cassidy
                         4.30pm          Rev M Dawes       
Holy communion with prayers for healing

Services for August 2019

4th               10.45                 Mr M Ellis

   11th             09.30                Rev I Gardner        Communion
                       10.45                Rev M Millar

   18th             10.45                Rev M Dawes        Communion

   25th             10.45               Mrs N Glasse
                        4.30pm           Rev M Dawes         
Holy communion with prayers for healing